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Introducing the all new #TKC70. Our customers across the globe have asked for it, we listened, and now its finally here being unveiled to the motorcycling world as we go to press!

Sitting right in the middle of the more off-road oriented #TKC80 Twinduro and the increasingly popular #ContiTrailAttack2 this is the ideal tyre for big adventure bike riders who do most of their riding on the road but still need a tyre that is well capable when taken off the beaten track.

This week we have been doing our very best to hide 30 big adventure bikes from the public in preparation for the international launch of the all new Continental TKC 70.

We have had top journalists from all around the world fly in to the UK in conjunction with our partners at head office in Germany to give our latest on and off-road tyre a try for the very first time here in our own back yard, and the weather in Wales has been ideal!

Based out of Lake Vyrnwy near Bala in North Wales, riders have been enjoying the many twisties both in the mountains and out along the coast roads. They also took in some of the fantastic trails in and around Snowdonia National Park.


The Continental TKC 70 is our latest generation On & Off-Road tyre and it sits right in the middle of the more off-road oriented TKC 80 Twinduro and the more road oriented ContiTrailAttack 2.

Launched in 2014 in association with Nick Sanders and in response to demands from our customers around the world it features:

Light and agile handling, combined with superb high speed stability, rider comfort and reduced noise levels thanks to the small central rear band.
Excellent wet grip delivered from our unique Rain Grip compound in combination with wide sipes for good drainage along with a self cleaning profile.
 More on road mileage than the TKC 80 Twinduro, and greater off-road capabilities than the ContiTrailAttack 2.
Its the ideal tyre for big adventure bike riders who do more mileage on than off-road, but still need a tyre that is more than capable when they decide to take the bike off the beaten track.

The first German made radial sizes are currently scheduled to arrive in October, with the remaining sizes currently due in the spring of 2015.

100/90 -19 (57T)  TL M+S    TKC 70 F
110/80 R19 (59V) TL M+S   TKC 70 F
120/70 R19 (60V) TL M+S    TKC 70 F
3.00 -21 (51T) TL M+S         TKC 70 F
90/90 -21 (54T) TL M+S       TKC 70 F

120/90 -17 (64T) TL M+S   TKC 70 R
130/80 -17 (65T) TL M+S   TKC 70 R
140/80 R17 (69T) TL M+S TKC 70 R
150/70 R17 (69V) TL M+S TKC 70 R
170/60 R17 (72V) TL M+S TKC 70 R
4.00 -18 (64T) TL M+S TKC 70 R
150/70 R18 (70T) TL M+S TKC 70 R

The price and availability of the Continental TKC 70 can you find online in the webshop.


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