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Motorradreifen: AVONAvon Tyres, a top quality brand of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, introduces its exciting new range of sports motorcycle tyres, the VP2.
With Avon’s enhanced construction methods and its debut use of multi-compound rubber construction, VP2 looks certain to continue the successes of the acclaimed Viper range.

To cater to the demands of today’s multi-discipline riders and the vast array of performance machines available, both new and used, VP2 is offered in three different types; Sport, Supersport and Xtreme, all in a variety of popular fitments. 
Though individually characterised by their own performance criteria and capabilities, the VP2 family shares the same key underlying aims; to allow riders to get exactly what they want from their machines. 

Aside from many technical advances, VP2 also benefits heavily from Avon’s most rigorous motorcycle tyre testing programme to date. 
In order to stay one step ahead of the relentless pace at which modern motorcycles progress, and to meet the demanding criteria for the new range, the dedicated development team applied tens of thousands of miles of testing on road and track in all conditions, as well as applying meticulous laboratory research. 
From high speed stability, enhanced durability and dependable high levels of grip on the road right through to the precise rider feedback, quick steering and consistency needed for the race track - VP2 delivers.

Though proudly boasting innovations, many of the features that collectively helped to make the outgoing Viper range such a trusted and capable tyre have been enhanced to new lengths with VP2. 

Underneath VP2’s tread is Avon’s most advanced belt system yet - Hybrid Belt, which consists of strands of aramid and steel or steel of differing tensions wound together around the tyre to form a unique belt system. The ultra strong aramid fibres produce exceptional high speed stability which is complimented by the flexibility and natural spring properties of steel that translates into exceptional mechanical grip. 

VP2 Sport features Avon’s first use of multiple compound construction on a motorcycle tyre.
With Sport aimed at the all-year round sports rider, the merits of using a multi-compound construction allows this tyre to excel at dealing with a huge variety of machines, ridden in many disciplines and through wet and dry conditions.
This performance was achieved by Avon’s new TE (Tri-compound Extrusion) construction system that produces a durable medium compound in the centre of the tyre for improved mileage returns. The seldom used edge of the tyre receives a soft compound to deliver high levels of grip, even from cold, when suddenly required from higher lean angles. 

The third compound comes courtesy of a very soft, low hysteresis compound across the entire base of the tread. Under such incredible forces from modern performance machines, this helps to improve the bond between the other two compounds and the carcass.
All of the VP2 range benefits from Avon’s A-VBD (Advanced-Variable Belt Density); a construction technique, specifically for rear tyres, that builds in a multi-compound characteristic into the rubber compound.

A-VBD works by the frequency in which the jointless Hybrid Belt is wrapped around the tyres’ circumference. For stability and durability, the cables are wound closely in the centre but are then specifically spaced out toward the tyres’ shoulder to build in a certain degree of flex, giving a larger contract patch at higher angles of lean and consequently a softer feel.
Despite the host of technical improvements made with VP2, the soul of the original Viper remains within the new range.

Forces transmitted to the surface of the tyre have changed very little during that time. Avon’s development team rigorously carried out tests with new tread designs forVP2, but it was proven that the original aggressive surface pattern utilised by Viper was unsurpassed; producing even tyre wear, aiding fast warm-up and providing excellent water displacement, especially onVP2 Sport and Supersport.

VP2 Sport - For everyday performance road riding

The everyday road riders’ high performance tyre. VP2 Sport features Avon’s first multi-compound construction with the addition of high amounts of silica to give increased grip - in wet and dry conditions.

Avon’s TE (Tri-compound Extrusion) construction system produces a durable medium compound in the centre of the tyre for improved mileage returns. The benefits of Avon’s A-VBD (Advanced Variable Belt Density) system, specifically for rear tyres, is then doubled as VP2 Sport also receives a separate soft compound on the edge of the tyre to deliver high levels of grip, even from cold, when suddenly required from higher lean angles.

The third compound comes courtesy of a very soft, low hysteresis compound across the entire base of the tread. Under such incredible forces from modern performance machines, this helps to improve the bond between the other two compounds and the carcass.

Avon’s Hybrid Belt system, combined with other advanced construction features, creates an intelligent tyre with a contact patch that grows with increased lean angle and offers precise handling characteristics and consistent stability throughout the tyre’s life.

Superb performance on the road – in wet and dry conditions
Multiple compound tread
Precise handling characteristics
Carcass designed for excellent stability
Stable at speed - throughout the tyre’s life
Can also be used for track days

VP2 Supersport – Equally at home on the track and on the road

Visually identical to VP2 Sport and sharing many of the same technical features, Supersport advances by giving riders the ability to push to the next performance level to get the very best from supersport machinery.

Designed to work better with harder use, VP2 Supersport has an increased focus on maximum grip. The need for dual compound technologies is negated by utilising a race derived soft compound throughout the tyre.

Like the entire VP2 range, Supersport utilises Avon’s ES System (Enhanced Stability System) so that the stresses absorbed by the carcass, sidewall and tread pattern are distributed evenly, reducing localised flexing within the tyre’s structure. The result is an increase in grip and stability while at the same time reducing tread wear.

With LPE (Lifetime Profile Engineering) and ATAC-TA Tread Profile (Advanced Tread Arc Combination – Tri Arc), VP2 Supersport will work harder for longer as the tread profile is varied across the tyre for enhanced handling and stability, even at  increased lean angles, along with consistent handling and stability for the full life of the tyre.

Superb performance on the road
Ideal for track work
Carcass designed for stability and rider feedback
Race type compound formula for high levels of grip
Consistently stable

VP2 Xtreme – Pure performance road legal track tyre

Developed exclusively on race tracks, VP2 Xtreme is uncompromising in its pursuit of ultimate dry grip and optimum high speed performance for riders who enjoy exploiting the very best from supersport machines regularly on track.

VP2 Xtreme utilises a super sticky race compound with a special high molecular weight polymer designed to reach its operating temperature fast, ideal for track days.

Avon’s Hybrid Belt, featuring the use of steel and aramid strands in a tyres’ construction, has vastly improved all important rider feel and, consequently, lap times.

The focus on dry use allows VP2 Xtreme to feature a surface pattern with fewer grooves that are further apart and concentrated in the centre ‘third’ of the tyre. This minimal tread also enhances grip as more rubber is in constant contact with the track.

Without a focus on sprint racing, Avon’s designers were able to implement enhanced durability into Xtreme; a rarity for a tyre with such high performance parameters and allowing riders to go faster for longer.

Recommended for track day use
Super-sticky compound for optimum dry use performance
Reaches optimum working temperatures quickly
Large footprint at extreme lean angles
Increased Stability at high speed and under hard braking
Track tuned profiles provide composed turning characteristics.


110/70R17 VP2 Sport
120/60R17 VP2 Sport
120/65R17 VP2 Sport
120/70R17 VP2 Sport
130/70R16 VP2 Sport

120/60R17 VP2 Supersport
120/70R17 VP2 Supersport

120/70R17 VP2 Xtreme


150/60R17 VP2 Sport
160/60R17 VP2 Sport
170/60R17 VP2 Sport
180/55R17 VP2 Sport
190/50R17 VP2 Sport
200/50R17 VP2 Sport

160/60R17 VP2 Supersport
180/55R17 VP2 Supersport
190/50R17 VP2 Supersport

180/55R17 VP2 Xtreme
190/55R17 VP2 Xtreme



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